Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Top 10 Se x Character That Women Cherish Most In Bedroom

Making a woman happy on bed is not just about penetrating into her, that are more things attached to this which is only known by a few men but like we all know that life is a teacher and the more we live, the more we learn so this is very important for men to read so as to know some certain things that women love Most on Bed.Continue reading to know these important things that women expects from you.

1. BODY LANGUAGE: When we use the word body language, it simply means that the body doesn’t have mouth but it speaks somehow through the mind.In relation to s*x, Body language has alot to do when it comes to bedroom matters but depending on how much you know your partner will determine how well your body languages can understand themselves knowing what each-other wants at some point of love making, Study your partner.

2. MOANING: People are different, A mans food can be another mans poison and we are applying this quote to the subject matter because we start to realise that women like when a man penetrates into her and makes that hot and killing sound as he makes love to her, Only a few women finds it irritating while making love but though we can assuredly tell you that women likes it when you mean during sex and if it sounds like a lie then give it a trial today.
3. Eye Contact: The eye can say alot, It doesn’t matter if you use the mouth at all times but when two eyes are in contact, they can share alot of things in common. Women love the eye contact conversation when it comes to love making because they believe that everything in your mind is written all over your eyes.Even when a man is less interested in something, it tells all over him through the eyes even if he doesn’t speaks so lets apply this to our s*x life today.
4. DEEP ROMANCE: This helps to increase a womans s*x pleasure but the problem of most women today is that they feel too shy to express their feelings on bed, telling their man this is what i want and this is what i don’t want because they wont feel too safe expressing certain feelings to their man which isn’t good at all. For women, try to be free, you and your man has certain things in common but for some reasons you both cant share it because both of you lies in the same shoes. Be open to your partner today.

5. PROMISES: This is a secret to all men, the only time a woman can believe in every fake promises you make is when you are inside her during love making, she believes everything you say either true or false can be thought about later so all her responses at that point is YES I BELIEVE YOU BABY, Later on she might come back to realization and start asking herself questions if you truly could mean the things you were telling her but at that spot it might have been a total mess.
6. STYLE OPTIONS: Most couples today do have this problem of been shy to express what they want on bed and what they don’t want which isn’t suppose to be.Women don’t want men to see them as bitches or Assholes and this is the basic reason why they find it difficult comes out with their true feelings about what they truly want in bed. The job is now left for men to do, come out clear with them and ask questions while making love to your woman, persuade her to tell you her true feelings so u can make her happy to the fullest. Change styles sometimes even if you don’t talk about it.
7. ASK QUESTIONS: Asking your woman things while making love to her is another best method of getting the information you been looking for from her.Besides you getting the information you need, women like been asked things while making love to her. Thats another secret for men to know today.

8. HOT KISSES: Making love has alot to do aside than just to penetrate and c*um but what are these things that women really need you to do with her while making love to her? Have u ever asked yourself how you can make your partner happy?This is another secret for you. Give her hot kisses while you are inside her so she wont be able to scream out too loud, that’s for men who have extra large c*cks.
9. DIGGING DEEP: Every woman likes to feel something deep down inside them, its not about you just penetrating and thinking shes happy already, its about you making her scream a silent noise out making sure that she feels something inside her, that’s why you have to dig deep inside more and more to make sure shes feeling something unique inside her for you, if you have been making a mistake earlier on this area you need to give yourself a break on that and start something new with her. She would surely tell you when she experiences something new with you and she would be much happier.
10. TRUE CONFESSION: When you are done making love to your spouse, Its good to tell her exactly how she made u feel, if she did well, tell her, if she didn’t just encourage her to be better next time and she would understand the rest of it all.Life is just about expressing each-others true feelings to each-other and u ill all be good, a problem shared is a problem solved.We hope you enjoyed reading this article and it would help you somehow someway.

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