Tuesday 10 November 2015

Benefits Of Se*x In A Relationship and Marriage

1. Its a Stress Reliever
My people, who doesn’t want to come home after a long stressful day and relief  him or herself with some loud moans? This is a great way to restore your energy, and of course to forget about your long day. Experts say people who have regular se.x respond better to stress than people who

2. It Brings More Intimacy
This is a one of the most obvious reasons why se.x is important. Being intimate with one another is going to bring you two closer. Only the fact that you are seeing each other na.ked is enough to bring you closer. Sometimes, being very much in love and being attracted to each other, doesn’t mean the sexual chemistry is there oh. Once you two have found your groove in the bedroom, you should see that Chemistry coming together.

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