Tuesday 5 April 2016

See The Latest Scam In Town, Kids As Collateral!!!

Brace your properly because you are about to read the latest scam in town...Wonders!
Please my fellow Nigerians, let's be careful with our children,Who they hang out with and where they hangout.

These kids above followed a man to a store as collateral for goods worth twenty eight thousand naira. These two boys said they do not know the man but vouched they knew him when they got to the store for reasons known or unknown to them.

This was what they said happened.

They were walking on the road alone and they were stopped by a man and he asked them to follow him to buy some goods from the shop. When they got to the shop, he told the sales boy he didn't have enough cash but told the boys to stay as collateral for him to get money from the ATM but he took the goods worth 28,000 naira along with him. 

As at the time of reporting this news,the location of the man is unknown,the goods are all gone but the kids are being held in custody.

If you know these children,help us reach out to their parents.
This happened in Ikeja today, the 4th of April, 2016.
The boys are the one sitting and the one wearing green.

''The boys further explained that the man took them to a market first to meet with his sister and another friend. We asked the boys to take us to this sister and also the friend. When we got there, turned out the woman was just a random market woman. 

The woman we met was Cotonou and couldn't speak English well. She tried to explain to us that the man didn't say anything to her but apparently was trying to give the impression that they knew each other to the kids. 

Then he told the kids that the woman was his sister and she was always in the market. Then he took the kids to the other woman that he claimed was his friend. The woman said the man came to meet her and was asking for an AISHA. Then he told the kids the woman was his friend.

Furthermore, the boys are not brothers but friends. One of the boys was sent to deliver turkey to a customer by his mother and was given 8,000 naira. He asked his friend to follow him and that was when they met their doom.

Apparently they were jazzed because they said they couldn't remember much.
We followed the kids to their parent's place and one of the women was more concerned about the missing money than the well being of her child. The other was just quiet and couldn't believe it.

May God help us''.

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