Friday 6 May 2016

Closing Date For JAMB Change of Course & Institution for 2016 Has Been Extended

Due to some hitches experienced on JAMB change of course and institution portal lately, the 2016 JAMB Change of Course and Institution has been extended.

However, this extension will not be long. The official closing date for 2016 JAMB Change of course/
institution is on Friday 13th, May 2016.
There will be no further extension. We understand that many candidates are waiting to know the cut-off marks of their respective institutions before making the decision on whether or not to go for change of course and institution.
However, many of this institution usually wait until announcing their
post-UTME sales of forms to make known their cut-off marks. If you wait that long, you may have only succeeded in putting yourself in an unfavourable position because
change of course and institution would have been very much over by that time.
So what you should rather do is make your decision based on the previous Post-UTME cut off marks of these institutions and effect the necessary changes immediately.
We have already helped many candidates to effect changes in their courses and institutions with 100% success rate. We can do that for you too. If you would like to make any changes, please click here to apply for change of course and or institution.

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