Thursday 12 May 2016

Why You Shouldn't Text Immediately After 1st date

Is texting a date or chatting them up immediately after an outing proper or not? Some feel it’s okay other say it isn’t right to do so.

According to relationship expert, Marie Dubuque, no matter how great the date went it’s advisable not to text your date only once and when you do so, it shouldn’t be two hours after getting back home.

She says give it a rest and send them a text one, two or three days after. There’s no need to keep texting when they don’t reply, it’s a sign they aren’t interested.

The truth is, instead of wasting time chasing someone who isn’t into you, it better to use that productive time to find someone who you can have a future with.
There’s no need to force it, attraction and love comes naturally.

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