Tuesday 14 June 2016

4 Discussions Children Avoid Sharing With Parents

Having a close relationship with your parents is a good thing. They are your best friends and mentors and have nothing but the best intentions for you. So why then would children prefer to talk about some certain things with their friends, uncle, aunty or even Sunday school than talking to their parents? Let's find out

1.) Relationships

Children always shy away from chatting with their parents about the guy or girl they are dating. Even when asked, they deny! Most times, they confide in their best friends or one sibling instead. Parents need to create a subtle relationship with their kids to get this information off them freely.

2.) Menstruation/Wet Dreams

This are major changes in any teenager's life. When parents fail to educate their kids about menses or wet dreams,  kids turn to get scared when they experience these for the very first time. Some think they've been cursed, attacked or changed.

3.) Sex

Who did you tell about your first sex experience? Certainly not your mom and dad. Teenagers get so shy at this age and most times feel bad about themselves after their first sex experience. Instead, they avoid telling their parents. Also kids always find sex education with parents bizarre. Something NEVER to be spoken but when they get to adulthood, they may want to talk to their mothers about their sex lives.

4.) Sexual Abuse

Most children that have been sexually abused did not tell their parents about it first.  They get too scared to talk. In fact some of them never tell anyone and this is because those who assaulted them often times, warn or threaten to attack them if they did.  They die in silence and become victims for a very long time.
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