Wednesday 15 June 2016

5 Things That Could Ruin A Date With A Great Guy

Going on a first date? Sounds fantastic! But is your nervous having the better part of you? Just the sheer mystery behind meeting someone new can easily spoil everything… what to say, how to look, how much do you drink or eat or how much do you get to discuss a particular topic etc. These questions make up some the five common awkward scenarios that could ruin a good date with a great guy.

1.)   The underdressed mess

You thought he wouldn’t be your type, so you just threw on just about anything. Now you meet him and he’s dressed to impress and you certainly didn't brought your style A-game. It could give a different impression about you called "a mess" but don’t fret. When the date is over, send him a follow up thank you message and attach a photo of you looking your most fabulous self. He’ll appreciate the visual.

2.) The social media maniac

It is always best to put all phones away, ignore non-urgent calls and resist the urge to check your social media when you're on a date perhaps for the first time with someone new. Sometimes, our dates get jealous of the device and feel it's getting more attention than him. So to make things right, call for a second meeting if the first flopped.  Let him know you messed up but you'd be honored to see him again. In fact, convince him he'll be your favorite distraction.

3.) Discussing about the ex

So you're out on a date with this handsome guy and all you do is talk on touchy relationship topic which duels on your past relationships . Indirectly, you're letting the guys know you still love and care for your ex and not him. So to fix this the next time, talk about what you learned  from past relationships and not what you're still upset over it/them. Tell your date it's over and you wish your ex well, then end it right there.

4.) Drink to stupor

Getting drunk on your first date is completely awkward and truthfully, rude. Maybe you both decided to meet for dinner and drinks and you were having such a great time that you ended up consuming too many drinks. If this was an isolated incident, it’s still easier to fade into the darkness and never to be seen or heard from again, but everyone makes mistakes. Call, don’t text, and explain that you had a great time with him. Apologize for going too far with the drinks and that it was an isolated incident. Ask for a second chance to get to know each other—your treat!

5.) The chatterbox
So you went out on a date and were so nervous that you talked way more than you normally do, and after you left you realized he never got a word in edgewise. There’s nothing wrong with calling him up, letting him know you really enjoyed meeting him, and that the next time you’ll be all ears. Now that he knows all about you, you’ll be even more interested in getting to know him. 

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