Monday 20 June 2016

Guys!!! 5 Ways To Know That She Has A Healthy S* xual Appetite

Even if you're crazily in love with your partner, certain habits can crush your sexual appetite but here's ways to know a woman's healthy s* x life.

Not every woman who is in a loving and compatible relationship has a great s* x life and this has a lot to do with their habits and lifestyles. Some of  these characteristics have made it nearly impossible for these women to be in the mood for s3 x. Even if you're crazily in love with your partner, certain habits can crush your s* xual appetite. But to know if a woman has a healthy s* xual appetite,

 Here are 5 simple ways:

1.) They say when they want s* x:

If you want something, all you have to do is ask… just like every other thing in life. Women having healthy s3 x lives usually speak up when they want s* x. "Can you come over babe, I want to have s* x," they say. Trust men to say yes! Even if he wasn't in the mood, just hearing you say you need him for s3 x will make him show up. Asking your partner on a regular bases will do you some good and make you less shy to ask.

2.) They eat light dinner:

Heavy dinner is a no, no when s3 x is the next planned action! No woman wants to feel heavy or fat when her man rips her clothes off after a date night. So, for those who know they want s3 x after dinner, they usually go for light meals. Please don't end up too full, lethargic and too gassy to have s* x.

3.) They love to walk around n@ked:

Women with healthy s* x lives are not afraid to walk around their homes totally n*de whenever they feel like it. Catching your n@ked reflection in the mirror could get you thinking about s* x and then it makes you comfortable with your body. If he's home, things will get heated for sure. But if you aren't the type who loves being n*de, why not try walking in your underwear. You could try wearing his t-shirt and nothing else under when he's home. If you can't then maybe you try sleeping n@ked so that by the time he gets home, you're all ready for action!!

4.) They flirt with their partners:

Women who want to have s3 x, repeatedly wet their partners' appetite with the cutest, s3xiest or hottest compliments throughout the entire day. They remind them how much they turn them on or how s3xy they are etc. It's good to know not all his conversations are about utility bills or school fees. Tell him if he looks good! Text or call him when you want to have s* x and don’t be scared to tell him how adorable he looks when he moans in bed.

5.) They're so much into PDA

Women who have the most s* x are always touching their partners in public. They either sit on their laps, rub each other's knees in the car or even surprise them with a kiss while on queue at a grocery store. These women don’t care what other people think. To them, people who get offended are simply unhappy. The secret here is for him to think of you touching him at night, you should touch him throughout the day.

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