Friday 15 July 2016

Wizzy Is Better Than Davido- See Proof

lately on twitter & other social platforms the undying & ending comparison between Starboy CEO ‘Ayo Wizkid Balogun’ & Co- owner HKN records ‘David Davido Adeleke’ has become a huge topic.

Davido and Wizkid are probably the Biggest music artistes below the Age of 25 that we have in the country now.The constant argument amidst fans about who is better has sparked a lot of controversies ,Blogs,threads and forums. I cannot categorically tell which one of them is better but i Will like to just state this few Things.

(1) MUSIC MAKING Davido and Wizkid are both extremely talented and gifted in the art of Music making. However, kudos must be given to Wizkid for writing his own songs, Davido is practically enjoying others people Shine and always in on song theft controversy or another ..we all know Wizkid’s Debut Album “Superstar” cannot be compared to Davido’s OBO album in terms of good music, sales, acceptance and awards. Till date, Nobody has accused Wizkid of stealing their songs, from Azonto to On top ur Matter, Bombay ,One Question, Baba Nla e.t.c ,everything is purely Wizkid’s hard working mind that writes and supplys us good and not stolen Music.

(2) FREESTYLES:Wizkid is better at free styling and taking choruses more than Davido, Take it or Leave it

(3) ATTITUDE:Most People accuse Wizkid of being Pompous. Yes he might be ,but Davido is certainly more pompous than Wizzy. He labelled himself OBO ,sings abt his fathers wealth all the time, beat up a taxi driver,fought an immigration officer and went bananas when his name was not included in The Forbes top ten richest artistes in Nigeria. Yes wizkid is human,calling a fan broke may be harsh but we know some Nigerians can say silly things at times. How many Times ,Davido don throw money for Crowd before? Eh? And he like him fans Abi?? Smh

(4) VOICE:No Stress about this one, we all know Wizkid has a better voice than Davido

(5) FAN BASE & POPULARITY:Believe it or not Wizkid is the most internationally recognized artist in Nigeria and yeah his song with Drake & Kyla is presently on billboards hot 100, so what else , Wizkid has a total of 2.3million followers on twitter & Over 1.8million followers on Instagram, Davido on the other hand has a total of 1.8million followers on twitter and 1.4million followers on instagram. So yes! Wizkid is more popular that Davido.

(6) WIZKID MADE IT ON HIS OWN: Funded and supported by Banky W while Davido relied on his fathers wealth to promote himself and his songs Wizkid is better than Davido

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