Sunday 7 August 2016

See How You Can Become A Successful Rap Star Like Olamide!!

If you want to be successful as the Nigerian rapper known as Olamide, you can read the secret to his success.

Olamide (27 Years Old) is one of Nigeria’s biggest rappers. Since the success of his sophomore album ‘YBNL‘ in 2012, Olamide has been a main fixture not only in Nigeria’s music scene but also in the celebrity as well.

It’s not surprising to say that the YBNL boss is one of the biggest male celebrities today. He has millions of fans and he has been able to convert his fame into some sort f cult of personality.

While Olamide can be described as a celebrity juggernaut, his fame and success can be distilled into four simple things that any aspiring celeb can practice and excel at.

You can read all about them below:-

1. Be Consistent

Since his debut album in 2011, Olamide has dropped an album every year. This year he would be dropping his sixth solo album

In 2015 he released two albums- ‘Eyan Mayweather‘ and the collaborative LP ‘2 Kings‘ with his frequent collaborator Phyno. Olamide has made it his business to be consistently in your face which has worked excellently for him. With so much music to choose from these days, you cannot but bump into a new song from Olamide.

By doing this his buzz is all year around. For upcoming celebrities this is a strong lesson to take from Olamide. If you are into movies, shoot round the clock and have like 5-6 movies come out each year. If you are a viral sensation flood social media with your content. With this strategy your face will be imprinted in the minds of many people.

2. Quality Material
It’s not only about being consistent and flooding the scene with your content. On the other side of quantity is quality.

Olamide drops some of the best music in this country now. This increases his rankings and makes him very popular. When you drop quality material it makes you stand out from the crowd and once you are not huddled with the pack, then you are own your way to being a genuine celebrity.

Contest Now- In Which Track Did Olamide Used This Lyrics?

3. Trend/Go Viral

This cannot be stated enough. In 2016 the ability to trend and go viral is an ability every aspiring celebrity must possess to be successful in the business.

From the gunman pose to the infusion of the ‘sneh’ suffix to our street lexicon, Olamide has proven himself to be a viral machine. To truly dominate social media a celebrity must know how to create content that can easily go viral and trend on social media.

Twitter, Instagram are the places where trends are created.

4. Influence

Olamide is not only does things above but he is also influential. With his success he has been able to jump start the careers of many artistes and helped others to be successful.

His YBNL imprint has helped launch the careers of Lil Kesh and Adekunle Gold. His constant collaboration with Phyno has helped the Igbo rapper become a mainstay in the South-West music scene. With Olamide reaching out to work with so many people his influence in the rap game has increased. To be a successful celebrity influence is key and to get that influence you have to work with a lot of people.

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