Monday 31 October 2016

Disadvantages Of Falling In Love Too Quickly

Don't misquote me for this, i didn't say you should not fall in love but  falling deeply and truly in love, no matter how or early or late, is not necessarily a bad thing, and this article does not seek to negate that.

As a matter of fact, falling hard and fast in love brings those sweet heady feeling into the pit of your stomach and it might actually be one of the most beautiful times of your life.
However, during the headiness and giddy feeling of that phase, many women make many mistakes which often comes back to bite them in the backside.
These mistakes include but are not limited to the eight listed below.
1. Completely forgetting how to be alone.
2. Abandoning close friends.
3. Rudely telling off every other single guy.
4. Planning your entire future with him.
5. Rushing into s* x. [And actually engaging in s* xual acts you swore you would never do.]
6. Finding a middle ground when standing your ground, is obviously the right thing to do.
7. Going overboard with social media displays of affection.
8. Hastening up to the point of making family introductions.
If you do fall into a quick, whirlwind kind of love, the type that seems to have taken you by utter surprise, you better open your eyes, and not fall into these mistakes that have been the undoing of many careless women before you.

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