Monday 3 October 2016

Reasons Why Kim Kardashian Marriage Is Successful

Therefore, many would wonder how they manage to keep their marriage together, amidst constant media scrutiny and some ridiculous divorce theories.

Kanye is the "man behind the woman," and has helped her become happier and stronger than ever, she said.

When asked what the best advice Kanye has even given her, she says

"My husband has definitely taught me just to be my most authentic self. And not care what other people think." [Sounds like something Kanye will definitely say; let the haters hate.]

It’s only true when you consider it a few seconds more, though.

Your relationship and the love you and your partner share won’t please everyone and it’s only normal for people to say negative things about what they don’t understand.

Never let their comments get to you, that’s bottom line, Stay focused in your partner.

According to her, she and Kanye “met in the middle” and that is what has worked so well for them.

Kim Kardashian further revealed her belief in the fact that being with her has made Kanye a better person.

"He's become such a great family man. And it's not anything I could have said to him but I think I gave to him," she said.

Lesson: You need a lover, a partner who challenges you to be the best, who brings out the best in you, just as Kim does Kanye.

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