Tuesday 27 December 2016

SPORT TIME: Arsenal To Sack Wenger Just To Retain Sanchez, Is This Opinion Wise Enough?

Few Weeks ago, Arsenal Forward “Alexis Sanchez” said he won’t be renewing his Contract in Arsenal if Arsene Wenger still remains the Coach ....

In his Statement, He said:-

Wenger has given all he can and should step aside at the end of the season when his contract ends and allow fresh blood in else he won’t be renewing his contract.

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Sanchez is also said to be asking for a massive increase on his £130,000-a-week terms to around £300,000-a-week.

This is problematic for Arsenal as Mesut Ozil is also demanding a huge pay rise at the same time.

Do you think its Wise for Arsenal to Sack Wenger just to Retain Sanchez?

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