Tuesday 13 December 2016

Top 10 Highest Paid Nigerian Musicians In 2016

As we round off the year 2016, we additionally profile the top Nigerian music acts that profited in it!

A rundown aggregated by T.I.N Magazine profiles the realities and rankings of the most generously compensated artists in Nigeria for year 2016.

This is the rundown of the Top Ten Nigerian artistes that profited inside the previous 12 months; which is from December first, a year ago, to November 30, 2016.

They'd be positioned by much they produced using:

– Digital deals (iTunes, Music+, YouTube)

– Shows (How much they charged for shows and how regularly they were called)

– Concerts + Tours (How huge their concerts&tour were)

– Brand supports (what number and how immense)

Within the previous 12 months.


Korede, cherished by his "bellovers", we can tell without a doubt the adorable artist profited inside the most recent 12 months from advanced deals. Not every one of his singles were hits in Nigeria this year yet he sold a ton on computerized stages, the artist has a considerable amount of fans universally so they frequently purchase his melodies and watch his music recordings a ton on YouTube. Korede didn't get called for some shows yet he had a couple. The vocalist likewise has a dynamic underwriting manage the telecom Goliath GLO. 

Assessed 2016 income is between: 60 – 100 million naira. 

Recollect that he is marked to a record name so the income were shared among him and his label.


The artiste of the year Tekno Miles is among the artistes who profited this year. Beginning from digital sales Tekno dropped around 6 singles inside the most recent 12 months and all were hits, they sold truly well on a few advanced stages with astonishing perspectives on YouTube, he profited this year carefully as he offers even past Africa. Tekno made a great deal from neighborhood and global shows, he additionally had a sold out visit this year. He had a 5 million naira endorsement with MTN. 

Estimated 2016 profit is between: 80 – 110 million naira. 

Recollect that he is marked to a record name so the income were shared between him and his label .


We can fundamentally let you know Kiss Daniel is the Nigerian artiste that featured most shows in Nigeria and outside Nigeria this year. The artist made a great deal from demonstrates the artist we can state had a show or 2 two to feature practically each week of the year. Kiss Daniel dropped his collection NEW ERA which was one of the smash hit collections in Nigeria 2016, his hit tunes MAMA and JOMBO where said to have sold hundred of thousand records this year. Kiss Daniel does not have any prominent underwriting bargain but rather he made a considerable amount actually from music this year. 

Evaluated 2016 profit is between: 90 – 110 million naira. Recall that he is marked to a record name so the profit were shared between him his label.


With the arrival of a few hit singles inside the most recent 12 months we can let you know phyno made a considerable amount from digital sales, Phyno doesn't feature indicates time and again however he made a great deal from shows and visit inside the most recent 12 months. Phyno has a remarkable support bargains at this moment he is a ambassador of numerous huge brands which incorporates; Guinness, Nairabet. 

Estimated 2016 profit is between: 100 – 160 million naira.


OBO earned great this year. Earned well from digital sales, and most particularly his fruitful visits. Davido in December 2015 performed to a crowd of people of around 30,000 individuals, Davido in 2016 likewise had a ton of chaperons in his visit furthermore had effective shows. He likewise marked an arrangement with Pepsi said to be worth 100 million naira. Davido active endorsement deals includes: MTN , Pepsi . He charges between 5-8 million naira for each show. 

Estimated 2016 profit is between: 150 – 180 million naira.


YBNL boss is a music business man and an A-list artiste himself, we positioned him in view of the cash he produced using his image as a music demonstration. Olamide dropped an album in December 2015 a collection which sold great on advanced stages, Olamide kept on dropping a few hit singles inside the year which sold great as well, Olamide featured numerous famous shows in 2016, went on a sold out world visit and his OLIC2 show in December 2015 was an aggregate sold-out. Olamide is additionally a brand with numerous supports, they incorporate; ETISALAT, SUREBET,CIROC,GUINESS bargains. 

Evaluated 2016 income is between: 150 – 200 million naira.


The "Starboy" had a stunning year, beginning from his Ojuelegba remix including Drake we learnt the melody netted more than one hundred thousand dollars as of December 2015. Wizkid hasn't dropped numerous offciial extends inside the most recent 12 months however the few he dropped made a considerable measure from advanced deals. WizKid additionally earned sovereignties from the greatest tune in the entire world for year 2016; (One Dance). The starboy additionally had an immensely fruitful world visit in 2016. Inside the previous 12 months his active endorsement deals include; GLO , PEPSI. He charges between 5-10 million naira for every show. 

Estimated 2016 profit is between: 150 – 220 million naira.


It was an extremely incredible year for the most prominent female artiste in Africa. Tiwa savage dropped her sophomore album last year December and the album broke and set two or three records with regards to digital sales. Concurring Music+ Tiwa's RED album is the most purchased album on the stage, the album likewise did extraordinary on iTunes and YouTube. The artist likewise had a sold out visit this year, and the greatest of all Tiwa Savage's endorsement keeps heaping up, her active endorsement within last 12 months includes; MTN DEAL, Forte Oil Deal, Pampers, Maggi, Konga And Pepsi which all are multi million naira deals . She charges between 4-6 million naira for each show. 

Evaluated  2016 income is between: 150 – 250 million naira.


All of you know the name D'banj is a tremendous one in the showbiz, D'banj is a businessperson and a music demonstration. In any case, here we just utilized D'banj's profit from music inside the most recent 12 months to rank him, criteria which incorporates; brand endorsement obviously, computerized deals, visits and shows. The vocalist was called for well known shows and went on a visit this year, despite the fact that we can tell he didn't make much from advanced deals the artist made a considerable measure from brand supports which incorporates; Ciroc, Glo, Bank of industry arrangement, SLOT arrangement, and MTN. He charges between 6-10 million naira for each show. 

Evaluated 2016 income is between: 200 – 250 million naira.


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