Friday 16 December 2016

What Is The Meaning Of Love? Check It Out..

This means only one of these things: either people never knew what it meant, they forgot what love means, or love itself has evolved and taken another meaning.

The first and second answers seem to be the logical explanations here.

Regardless of time, age and modernisation, the essence of love remains very much the same; the core of it, unchanged.

In a general sense, love is that feeling of deep affection towards someone, a great interest in someone and their well being.

So, love is that feeling that warms your heart at the mention of someone's name, at the sound of their voice. Love is that thing that makes you look at someone at their worst moments, their lowest lows and still want no one but them.

Love in the real sense is not fleeting, not temporary, and not subjected to visible, tangible things.

Society seems to be gravitating towards a redefinition, a wrong perception based on selfishness, distrust, deception, cynicism and disloyalty but these don't reflect what true love means.

Love is the complete opposite of those things. Not only does true love move you to be selfless, it enables you compromise, teaches you to trust, to be loyal and faithful to those you hold dear, it makes you see the best in people, makes you believe the best of them.

Love could change you, make you better, but it does not change - not with time, not with circumstances, not in the face of sickness or disease.

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The standard of genuine love seems high and unattainable but that's only to those who have not felt it in its wholeness. Those who seemingly saw its shadow and thought they've seen it all.

When you truly love someone, you become blind to their flaws and defects, and you'll have nothing but their best interests at heart.

A lot can be said about love and the things that characterise it, but what stands truest thing about it is this; love remains one of life's true beauties, unstained and unsoiled by the activities of men [and women] and still as strong as ever in its ability to beautify lives.

Love lacks a proper, all-encapsulating definition, and that's just fine because its appropriate definition isn't necessarily needed for it to be understood.

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