Saturday 14 January 2017

3 Executive Reasons Why Pre-Marriage Counselling Is Good For You Before Marriage

I want to you note that marriage is meant to be forever.  Considering the rate at which marriages transform to divorces, it will be unwise of anyone not to be prepared enough before going into it.

Every form of advice is needed before venturing into marriage, and this is why pre-marriage counselling is a very important thing for couples preparing for marriage.

Below are three reasons why you should never pass up the chance to get pre-marriage counselling...

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1. It’s a form of approval

Most times as Nigerians, we often choose to get marriage counselling from our religious leaders, and it is totally OK, considering how deeply religious most Nigerians are.

Going for marriage counselling sessions with your religious head does not only afford you and your partner the opportunity of getting prepared for the married life ahead of you, it also serves as a form of final approval for your wedding ceremony to go ahead, if, after the counselling sessions, your Imam or Pastor says, you and your partner can go ahead and marry.

In addition, there is a strong likelihood that each meeting with them will include some prayer sessions too. That’s an added advantage, right?

2. Third party intervention

While discussing marriage and reaching compromises, you and your partner might have few unresolved issues.

Discussing these issues with a third party [marriage counsellor] will create a better chance of finding a common ground on them.

3. The experience will surely benefit you

Whether you go meet a professional counsellor or you choose your religious leader, chances are that they are married and they have a lot of experience in what you are yet to begin.

They would be answering your questions from both their experience and the experiences of several other people they have helped over the years.

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