Saturday 4 March 2017

#Women: Some Disadvantages Of Dating A Younger Man In Nigeria

If there's anything everyone can agree on, it's that times are changing, and the things that were once frowned upon have now become the norm.

Where it was once unimaginable for women to ask men out, or declare sexual interest in them first, they are now being encouraged to get their game on.

To some extent, the ice-cold Nigerian attitude towards women dating younger men has begun to thaw, but there still seems to be a long way before the idea flows into all cultures and becomes truly mainstream.

Experience has shown that there are great advantages when women disregard age and go for younger men they love; but of course, because a coin always has two sides, here are some disadvantages of dating younger men.

1. Mother-in-laws

Many Nigerian families still frown on sons who decide to marry older women and that discontent and disapproval is always more vocal from the mothers.

If a survey of Nigerian mothers is conducted, the answers gotten will very likely confirm this.

2. People will talk

Of course, far too many people are still yet to come to terms with the idea of older men and younger woman genuinely falling in love, so they still assume that one of the partners has an ulterior motive for deciding to be with the other.

Due to this, people will still raise eyebrows and have misinformed opinions about couples who ride against the relationship tide and date despite their age difference.

3. Separate ideas of fun

Especially when the woman is significantly older than the man, one problem the couple might face is separate definition of fun.

Because of their nature and age, younger men tend to be really bouncy, adventurous and full of life, and this could be a bit of a problem in the relationship.

4. Relationship problems might get blamed on the age difference

Very likely, when issues appear in the relationship, one of the partners will link it to the age difference and where they should be communicating on solving the real relationship issues, they'll be struggling with the bitterness that tend to come from saying hurtful things about age.

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