Thursday 23 November 2017

3 Reasons Why Private Relationship Is The Best

Not everyone deserves to know you and your secrets. And certainly not all friends are good enough to know about the details of what goes on in your relationship.
Having a support system is great, and having trusted people to confide in is just amazing, too; but no matter how small your circle is, or how much you trust them, some details of your relationship need to remain between you and just your partner.

Here are three reasons why:

1. Enables Strong Relationship:
By hoarding the most private information and details of your marriage, you become obliged to work out differences without external assistance or influence.
Being able to move away from the rough patches of your relationship on your won is great for your relationship because you are reaching decisions based on your personal understanding of your relationship, not from someone else's perspective of what is right for you or not.
This is the best way to be in a relationship, except when it becomes unreasonable to not seek assistance from trusted sources.

2. Kills Bad Advice:
By keeping the essence of your relationship out of circulation, you actually leave no room for people to pass judgements and give unsolicited advice on how things should be between you and your partner.

3. No Much Pressure 
If you are keeping your relationship between just you and your partner, you are not getting external, irrelevant advice on where you and your partner should be, and what you should be doing as a couple.
This reduces the pressure and you can both move the relationship at a pace that suits both partners.

I want you to know that if details of your relationship is being kept on a really low key, you are on the right path.

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